HERITAGE INVESTMENTS-A LOCAL SUCCESS STORYmaking the most of your savingsclarity and peace of mindwhen making important lifedecisions. Our commitmentto our clients is second tonone and referrals are themain source of our nbusiness.Setting up a new business isalways daunting and neverwithout potential pitfalls.adviceAttainingCharteredinheritance taxpensionsstatus in 2017demonstratesHowever, little did we know thatsince our launch in February 2010,we would experience successand growth way beyond ourexpectations. From a team of 5we are now 20 with future plansahead.- trustsIfyou have unanswered questionson any of the above, call one ofour advisers: Sarah Rogerson &Steven Worboys at Christchurchon 01202 332333 or Susan Barberat Wimborne on 01202 332334.Please quote this artide.We have exciting ambitionscommitment toprofessionalismby recognisingewWe are proud to sponsor theGovernment backed financialapprenticeship scheme whichinvites young professionalsto qualify and develop intoethical practice,knowledgeand skillsthroughout ourTom ParkinsonOur first office, in Bargates,Christchurch, was followed twoyears later with an office inEastbrook Row, Wimborne. Ourdirectors and financial advisershave quickly built a reputationfor providing our clients withtransparent, fair and honestcompanyindependent finaTom Parkinson joined us fromvisit our websitencial advisers and to keep up to date,The advisory team has recentlyexpanded to include two new6thform at Twynham School inChristchurch. Tom is currentlystudying for the Diploma forwww.heritageinvestments.co.ukadvisers, Steve Worboys based inChristchurch and Susan Barberbased in Wimborne. Both Steve Financial Advisers (DipFS) whichand Susan are local to the Dorsetarea and have many years ofcomprises six examinations. Hewill then have the opportunity totake the Chartered examinationsand his ambition is to becomethe youngest Chartered financialfinancial advising experienceOur advisers are supported by anexperienced and qualified teamof paraplanners and financialadministrators. Using up to dateadviser in the country.we offer adviceCharteredFinancialornresearch and analytical tools,they can produce detailed wholeinvestments/ ISAsplanning for retirementSusan Barber, Steve Worboys & Sarah Rogersonof market reports, giving clients

Date: 17 February 2018

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HERITAGE INVESTMENTS -A LOCAL SUCCESS STORY making the most of your savings clarity and peace of mind when making important life decisions. Our commitment to our clients is second to none and referrals are the main source of our n business. Setting up a new business is always daunting and never without potential pitfalls. advice Attaining Chartered inheritance tax pensions status in 2017 demonstrates However, little did we know that since our launch in February 2010, we would experience success and growth way beyond our expectations. From a team of 5 we are now 20 with future plans ahead. - trusts Ifyou have unanswered questions on any of the above, call one of our advisers: Sarah Rogerson & Steven Worboys at Christchurch on 01202 332333 or Susan Barber at Wimborne on 01202 332334. Please quote this artide. We have exciting ambitions commitment to professionalism by recognising ew We are proud to sponsor the Government backed financial apprenticeship scheme which invites young professionals to qualify and develop into ethical practice, knowledge and skills throughout our Tom Parkinson Our first office, in Bargates, Christchurch, was followed two years later with an office in Eastbrook Row, Wimborne. Our directors and financial advisers have quickly built a reputation for providing our clients with transparent, fair and honest com pany independent fina Tom Parkinson joined us fromvisit our website ncial advisers and to keep up to date, The advisory team has recently expanded to include two new 6thform at Twynham School in Christchurch. Tom is currently studying for the Diploma for www.heritageinvestments.co.uk advisers, Steve Worboys based in Christchurch and Susan Barber based in Wimborne. Both Steve Financial Advisers (DipFS) which and Susan are local to the Dorset area and have many years of comprises six examinations. He will then have the opportunity to take the Chartered examinations and his ambition is to become the youngest Chartered financial financial advising experience Our advisers are supported by an experienced and qualified team of paraplanners and financial administrators. Using up to date adviser in the country. we offer advice Chartered Financial orn research and analytical tools, they can produce detailed whole investments/ ISAs planning for retirement Susan Barber, Steve Worboys & Sarah Rogerson of market reports, giving clients